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This is a matrix bot to get information about league of legends and send that information to matrix rooms. It can be bridged to other services. You will need a Riot API key (which expires every 24 hours) and a champion.gg API key (no idea when it expires). If you don't want to do all that, once this project is completed I hope to apply for a full riot key and then people can just invite the bot to where ever. This was written using the matrix-python-bot-api and cassiopeia. Here are some things it can do:

!history oldthebest

Orianna       	2/5/3	Loss 	Flash / Heal      	liandrys, sorc shoes, morellos, dark seal, dring, sight wards,
Syndra        	3/2/5	Loss 	Flash / Heal      	liandrys, blasting wand, morellos, dring, sorc shoes, sight wards,
Ahri          	2/5/13	Win 	Flash / Ignite    	liandrys, dark seal, dring, sorc shoes, morellos, sight wards,
Veigar        	2/4/5	Loss 	Flash / Heal      	banshees, cdr boots, dark seal, morellos, blasting wand, dring, sight wards,
Syndra        	14/4/16	Win 	Flash / Heal      	void staff, rabadons, liandrys, sorc shoes, morellos, seekers, oracles,
Veigar        	9/3/10	Win 	Flash / Heal      	needlessly, liandrys, morellos, cdr boots, void staff, blasting wand, sight wards,
Orianna       	1/0/12	Win 	Flash / Heal      	dring, liandrys, morellos, sorc shoes, sight wards,
Malzahar      	6/3/7	Win 	Flash / Heal      	blasting wand, dring, morellos, cdr boots, liandrys, rylais, sight wards,
Corki         	8/6/15	Loss 	Flash / Teleport  	hexdrinker, triforce, ie, statikk, sorc shoes, rfc, blue trinket,
Syndra        	4/2/6	Win 	Flash / Heal      	refillable, sorc shoes, liandrys, blasting wand, morellos, dring, sight wards,
Veigar        	11/3/12	Win 	Flash / Heal      	liandrys, morellos, dring, cdr boots, void staff, rabadons, sight wards,
Orianna       	6/6/9	Loss 	Flash / Heal      	blasting wand, morellos, sorc shoes, dring, liandrys, sight wards,
Orianna       	5/4/11	Loss 	Flash / Heal      	needlessly, morellos, liandrys, dring, sorc shoes, blasting wand, sight wards,
Leona         	4/7/14	Loss 	Flash / Ignite    	locket, relic ward, control ward, knights vow, giants belt, mobis, oracles,
Leona         	1/1/12	Win 	Flash / Ignite    	locket, targons, control ward, knights vow, bracer, mobis, oracles,
Orianna       	6/2/7	Win 	Flash / Heal      	zhonyas, sorc shoes, dark seal, hp pot, morellos, dring, sight wards,
Orianna       	4/7/16	Loss 	Flash / Heal      	morellos, liandrys, needlessly, dring, sorc shoes, blasting wand, sight wards,
Orianna       	0/3/1	Loss 	Flash / Heal      	refillable, lost chapter, merc treads, codex, dring, control ward, sight wards,
Syndra        	2/1/8	Win 	Flash / Heal      	liandrys, blasting wand, morellos, dring, sorc shoes, sight wards,
Leona         	5/5/20	Win 	Flash / Ignite    	ornn locket, targons, knights vow, cowl, mobis, oracles,

!rank oldthebest

D4 70LP 43W 44L 49.43% WR

!mains oldthebest

Top 5 champions Oldthebest played:
Ahri  456
Orianna  338
Corki  201
Syndra  139
Lux  116

abrahimladha: !opgg oldthebest


abrahimladha: !winrate support

Nami    		52.85%
Janna    		52.81%
Blitzcrank		51.63%
Alistar 		51.58%
Taric   		51.53%

todo: add kills/deaths/assists/gold and from champgg and be able to see top5 and bottom5