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Very simple program. Will take .obj file as input and output scrambled .obj file, reverse scrambling all but on a specified layer.

Follow this tutorial to generate an obj from an image using blender. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YbvXgls1Yw This program works assuming you have isolated your object in your image using some editor already. Open up your obj in a text editor and look for the most common second value of lines beginning with "v " and use that as the height parameter. Using this image of an egg:

pure image

I used GIMP and upped the contrast and so that the background would be a solid black: after gimp

Then used the blender displace technique to create a surface that looks like: in 3D

And then ran my program on it to make this, (notice the background is not moshed) glitched!

Adding the edited egg image back on as a texture and rendering the surface as BSDF Glossy: final art project

The final product turned out nicely I think.