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This is a really insecure way of running a chat interface between a matrix room and a minecraft server.

To send a message from minecraft server to the room, it just regexes over the log file and find mentions for people leaving and joining the game, as well as messages people send out. there is currently no whisper functionality.

to go the opposite way, it does it with some massive insecurity. It calls send-keys to the running tmux session that the server is running in. it does do some small checking but this of course is dangerous none the less

To set this up, git clone and edit the config.ini file correctly. I have left in my actual minecraft log file location as to give you an example of what yours might look like.

For this to work, you should should first say

tmux new -s minecraft

Once there, run your server probably with bash LaunchServer.sh and then detach the session and go abotu your business. I also run this chatbot instance in its own session.